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Reliable, mobile cold storage units for sale or rent!

  10ft Reefer
10ft Reefer
10' Reefer

The RCS Group has in stock custom 10' Reefers. These units are perfect for space limited off-shore rigs, transport boats, or barge applications. The box 'shell' is all new made to our specifications featuring stainless steel interior and exterior walls.

We can fit either a new or refurbished refrigeration machine into these boxes to work with your needs.

  • 10' x 8' wide x 8'6" tall exterior dimensions
  • 8' x 7'6" x 7'6" tall interior space
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior wall panels
  • Extruded Aluminum floor with raised 'T' profile, suitable for forklift traffic
  • Double Doors in rear
  • 460V 3 Phase, 40A service, 15KVA, 230V also available
  • Can be used as freezer or chiller
  • Controls temp from -35 C to 40 C (with new Magnum unit)
  20ft Reefer
40ft Reefer
20' / 40' Used Reefer  

The RCS Group offers a full line of used seagoing refrigerated containers. These units were designed for international shipping of perishable goods and are extremely rugged - perfect for a harsh environment or static storage on land. These units have proven to be very durable and reliable for domestic use. In fact, we have had them on a customer's site for over 15 years and they are still doing their job!

Refrigerated Containers come in two standard sizes: 20' x 8' and 40' x 8' (we also have 10', and can custom make any sizes inbetween). The refrigeration machines are all electric and can be set to freeze or chill by a simple press of a button. They can control temperatures from -10 F to 80 F while offering precise and consistant temperature control for mid range perishables.

  • Controls temp from -10 F to 80 F
  • 460V 3 Phase Required, 40A service, 15KVA, 230V available
  • Stainless Steel Interior or Food Grade Aluminum Interior
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum Exterior Construction
  • Extruded Aluminum floor with raised 'T' profile, suitable for forklift traffic
  • Refrigeration Machine thoroughly tested and any questionable components replaced
  • Exterior has fresh coat of paint
  • Double Doors in rear
  New Reefer
New Reefer Interior
10' / 20' / 40' New Refrigerated Containers  

We offer brand new Refrigerated Containers for the ultimate in performance and reliability! We have brand new 10', 20', and 40' reefers in stock ready for immediate delivery!

A new container equipped with a new Carrier 69NT40-541 refrigeration unit is good to -22 F, all with a 1/3/3 factory warranty!.

  • New Carrier 69NT40-541 Refrigeration Machine
  • 1/3/3 Warranty - 1 year complete unit, 3 year motors, 3 year compressor Factory Warranty
  • Controls Temp from -22 F to 80 F
  • 460V 3 Phase, 40A service, 15KVA, 230V available
  • Stainless Steel Interiors and Exteriors
  • Extruded Aluminum floor with raised 'T' profile, suitable for forklift traffic
  • Double Doors in rear
  • Brochure
  Dual Temperature Reefer
Multi Temperature (Dual Temperature) Reefer  

Need to store both frozen and chilled products in the same container? The RCS Group has the solution - our Dual Temp Reefer!

We start with one of our standard containers and install a partition, making two separate temperature controllable compartments. The partition separating the compartments has a pass through door allowing easy access to the freezer compartment.

We offer two versions - the fixed partitian and the movable partition. The fixed partition offers superior temperature control while the movable partition allows the flexibility of varying compartment size. If you need to add more freezer space temporarily, just slide the bulkhead accordingly.

  Click for more info on delivery and installation
Delivery and installation  

We deliver containers on one of our roll-off 40' trailers. We'll set your unit on the ground at your site!

For typical container dimensions, click here. We can also provide portable power units. Click here for more information.


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